WICMA R&D Centre. was inaugurated on 16.09.1998. The main objective of WICMA R&D Centre is to help – in terms of Technology – Members, other corrugators, mills, dealers, raw material suppliers, etc. All technical activities of WICMA are conducted through WICMA R&D Centre.

The R&D Centre is managed under the supervision, guidance and control of Research Advisory Committee (RAC), consisting of members from manufacturers, users of corrugated packaging, Paper Mills and members of academic excellence.


The R&D Centre is recognized by

  1. Department of Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (DSIR), Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India as "Scientific & Industrial Research Association (SIRO), since 2002.
  2. Asian Corrugated Case Association (ACCA), a reputed Association of Box Manufacturing Countries of Asia, headquartered at Singapore.
  3. Advanced educational courses such as 'Certificate Course in Corrugated Packaging - Automatic Process' are recognised by Technical Association for Pulp & Paper Industries (TAPPI), U.S.A.
  4. Wicma R&D Lab is NABL-accredited


WICMA R&D Centre is the first of its kind in India that is devoted exclusively to the Research & Development activities of Corrugated fibre boards / boxes / Kraft Paper.

As such, as on date, WICMA R&D has no peers. All the projects conducted by WICMA R&D so far are done for the first time in India and all of them are of high practical importance.


  1. Well established Testing Centre - WICMA R&D has one-of-its-kind testing centre having several sophisticated testing equipment suitable for testing paper, boards & boxes and is NABL-accredited
  2. Educational Courses - The Centre Pioneered certificate course in corrugated packaging in India. The first course started in 1991.
    Three types of Courses are conducted regularly
    • Certificate Course in Corrugated Packaging – Automatic
    • Certificate Course in Corrugated Packaging – Semi Automatic Process
    • Practical Course in Testing
  3. Development Projects – WICMA R&D Centre carries out such R&D projects, the outcome of which are of utmost importance to the corrugating and user industries. The findings of projects completed are published in booklet form, which are available to the industry.
  4. Development of Standards for CFB industry – The R&D Centre is constantly working on developing and establishing Standards to help both manufacturing and users to have up-to-date and easy access to Standards for quality control and testing.
  5. Others
    • Laboratory Audit – This is a service offered by the R&D Centre for the benefit of those who have a testing laboratory to test Paper, Corrugated Boards, Corrugated Boxes, Adhesives, Printing inks, etc. The scheme envisages the visit of WICMA R&D personnel, on request, to audit and evaluate the testing laboratory and offer suggestions, if any, for upgradation of the laboratory.
    • Technical Programmes (Seminars) - Several one day seminars have been conducted in different parts of the state on various topics of commercial and technical importance.