R & D Centre is headed and manned by qualified and experienced scientists who are capable of carrying our R & D projects as well as offer testing services to industry conforming to any National & International standards. The Centre has the latest, state-of-the- art microprocessor equipment which are housed in a fully air-conditioned NABL Accredited Laboratory. We have comprehensive testing facilities to test various properties of paper, corrugated packaging, adhesives, stitching wire and other materials. A short list of testing equipments and tests conducted are given for reference:

Equipment in service

  • Box Compression Strength Tester
  • Desiccators
  • Moisture Estimator
  • Sample Cutter
  • Temperature Regulated Air
  • Bursting Strength Testers
  • Grammage Tester
  • Precision Balance
  • Top Pan Balance
  • Tear Tester
  • Crush Tester (Touch screen)
  • Humidity Chamber
  • pH Meter
  • Thermo Hygrometer
  • Ventilated Oven
  • Cobb Value Determinator
  • Micrometer (Caliper Tester)
  • Puncture Resistance Tester
  • Drop Tester
Wicma Lab is an authorised International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Packaging Testing Centre


Tests Conducted

% solid content Dimensions Ring Crush
Breaking Length Edge Crush Substance per ply
Burst Factor Flat Crush Take up Factor
Bursting Strength Flute Height Tear Factor
Compression Strength Moisture Tear strength
Caliper pH Tensile strength
Cobb Pin Adhesion Viscosity
Concora Puncture  


For Orders & Enquiries Contact:

Manoj Rahate,
Deputy Director, Wicma R&D Centre,
Tel: 022 - 28506716, Mob. No: 9867882081


Users can opt to pay for individual tests or subscribe to one of the package schemes.