In the quality control of paper, board and boxes there are following major steps –

  • Sampling
  • Conditioning
  • Selection of Standard Test Method
  • Testing
  • Preparation of Specimen
  • Calibration of equipments
  • Reporting

Selection of proper Standard Test Method is very important to get accurate and consistent results. For corrugating industry, several standard test methods are available published by the Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers of India. In many of the following publications WICMA R&D Centre assisted in the research and compilation of data.

WICMA Publications

  1. Review of McKee's formula for Estimation of Box Compression Strength with respect to available Kraft Paper and conditioning parameters in India.
  2. Development of Standard test method for determination of water resistance of the glue bond of corrugated fibre board by immersion.
  3. Colour Standards for flexo printing inks on corrugated boards
  4. Critical evaluation of stitched & glued manufacturing joints

FCBM Publications

FCBM R-100 - gives details about measurement of dimensions; details about standard take up factors for different flutes and also FCBM standards for different flutes (i.e. number of flutes per meter and flute height)

FCBM 3:90 - gives details of the standard method for testing the Bursting Strength (BS) of corrugated fibre board (upto 5 ply) and also Bursting Strength of Kraft papers.

FCBM 6:91 - gives standard test method for determination of Puncture Resistance of corrugated fibre boards.

FCBM 8:92 - describes in detail standard test method for determination of COBB (Water resistance) for corrugated board, boxes, Kraft papers.

FCBM 10:93 - gives the details of standard test method for Grammage (GSM) of corrugated fibre boards and Kraft paper.

FCBM 14:96 - describes the standard test method for Compression Strength of corrugated board boxes.

FCBM 19:98 -is a standard test method for Ring Crush strength (RCT) of Kraft papers/paper boards (up to thickness of 0.5 mm)

FCBM 21:99 - gives standard test method for determination of Moisture Content of paper, board and boxes.

FCBM 29:04 - gives standard test method for Thickness of the CF board.

Apart from this, we have standard publications on different box styles and adhesives , reports of various development projects we that carry out from time to time.