Projects Completed

  1. Contribution of fluting medium / media to the overall Bursting Strength of the Corrugated Boards.
  2. Study of important properties of Kraft Papers at various climatic conditions.
  3. Study on influence of properties of Kraft Paper on the properties of Corrugated Boards & Boxes at various climatic conditions
  4. Review of McKee's formula for Estimation of Box Compression Strength with respect to available Kraft Paper and conditioning parameters in India.
  5. To record ambient temperature and Rh as well as air-conditioned temperature and Rh at same location and same time to establish co-relation (at 6 different locations)
  6. Preparation of standard colour standards for flexo inks used in CFB Industry
  7. APEDA Project :
    1. To carry out testing and analysis of corrugated packages, used for exporting fruits & vegetables.
    2. To design / modify the existing package specifications, if need be.
  8. To evaluate the properties of manufacturers joint strength using stitching as well as gluing and evaluate the performance

The project was (1) sponsored by Federation of corrugated Box mfrs. Of India, (2), (3) & (5) were sponsored by Federation of corrugated Box Mfrs. Of India and funded by Development Council for pulp, paper & allied products through Ministry of Industry, Government of India . Project (4) is internally funded by WICMA.

The findings of the projects completed are published in booklet form, which are available to industry for their use

Future Projects

  1. To evaluate cushioning properties of corrugated fibreboards vis-à-vis other cushioning materials, viz. thermocole (expanded Polystyrene).
  2. To review the strength properties of various grades of Kraft paper available in India & evaluate their uses in corrugated boxes.
  3. To develop specifications of rust proof stitching wires