In recent times, quality awareness among customers, manufacturers of corrugated packaging and suppliers of inputs has reached a level where 'Quality Certificate' is considered necessary for all consignments of corrugated boxes to ensure consistent quality.

In order to satisfy full compliance, many users, corrugated box manufacturers and suppliers of inputs have set up their own testing laboratory. Such laboratories "test" various materials as per either BIS, FCBM or international standards such as ISO, TAPPI.

As with any service, there is always a question as to whether the "testing" is done properly!! Are the standard test procedures followed? Are the samples drawn properly? Are the samples conditioned properly? Are the test instruments calibrated properly?

Periodic review will correct any missing points or incorrect practice. As a measure of assistance, WICMA R&D Center is pleased to announce 'Testing Laboratory Audit' scheme for the benefit of those who already have a testing laboratory.

A brief outline of the scheme can be downloaded here.

Laboratory Audit pdf