Educational Courses

We conduct Technical and Management Development Courses for the benefit of manufacturers, users and others connected with the industry. The following courses are periodically conducted at present.

Certificate Course in corrugated Packaging: Automatic & Semi Automatic Process

These courses are suitable for corrugators, users, suppliers, distributors as well as prospective entrepreneurs. The courses are conducted twice a year on full time basis in association with Technical Association for Pulp & Paper Industries (TAPPI), U.S.A / Indian Institute for Packaging. The faculty for the course is from institutes, Industry and Independent Consultants. The Subjects include all the aspects of corrugated packaging such as raw material, manufacture, manufacturing defects & remedies, quality control, box design, costing, etc. including a visit to a paper and box manufacturing unit.

The lectures sessions are conducted at WICMA auditorium, which is a fully air-conditioned with classroom capacity of 40 and equipped with latest audio visual equipments like LCD Projector , Computer, OHP, Slide Projector, Cordless Mikes, Laser Pointer, etc. The course is recently modified to conduct in 4 modules which run consecutively. The students have the option of either attending the full Course or any one of the modules, as is the convenience. The successful students attending the full course are awarded with a performance Certificate.

Two outstanding students of Courses conducted in a year are eligible for Shri Mansukhbhai Sheth - WICMA Education Award. Similarly, one outstanding speaker is also awarded.

Practical Course in Testing:

The course is conducted once a month to train the students in testing and Quality Control aspects of the corrugated packaging. The students are required to test themselves to get the hands on experience. This course is of 3 days (Full time) duration and commences with a Certificate. So far, 57 students are trained in this course.

Online Certificate Courses in Corrugated Packaging:

The Covid-19 Pandemic with its attendant constraints on travel and public gatherings, necessitated a digital makeover of our Certificate Courses in Corrugated Packaging. Our online courses have quickly become very popular.

Level – 1 of the online course covers the history of corrugated packaging, knowledge of paper, board and boxes, co-relation between paper properties and board properties, quality parameters of paper, board and box, adhesives, heating systems, printing and costing of corrugated boxes. The course is designed to suit the needs of those who are looking to set up their own box manufacturing plant and also those who are already part of this industry and looking to upgrade their knowledge.

The Level – 2 course offers an in-depth look into the strength properties of paper and the significance of the various strength parameters with respect to cost and performance of the corrugated box, influence of moisture and temperature, heating, adhesives, causes of common corrugating problems and their solutions, Coatings and their Applications, quality assurance programs, packaging requirements of horticulture products and global packaging laws. The topics are advanced and will be very enlightening for those who want to go deep into the science of corrugation.

New Courses under Planning:

Operators / Supervisor Training: Table top model machines are planned to be installed for use in " hands on " training covering good operational practices, proper settings, troubleshooting guide and preventive maintenance measures for single corrugating machines.

One Day Courses: These Courses will be conducted on specific requests from the Organizations. The candidates preferably from the same organizations are familiarized with any of the important aspects of corrugated packaging, as may be desired.

Technical Seminars

In order to develop better and cost effective corrugated packaging, WICMA arranges periodical interaction between corrugated box manufacturers, users and suppliers of raw materials by organizing seminars. The Seminars conducted at different centers such as Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Kolhapur, Aurangabad and Nagpur, with very active support from respective Divisions of WICMA. For more information click here