The Desire of getting it right

Ugh – it’s what we all think when presented with a form to complete, whether printed or online. What is it about forms that make us feel this way?

Maybe, the history of being officious and complicated, a drain on our time, & they often make us feel stressed.

Problems start when forms are forgotten or not given the attention they require. Forms are not seen as exciting or prestigious when compared to a glossy brochure, so they are often left with no owner or person responsible for them, which leads to inconsistency & confusion.

We all require the use of forms & questionnaires in order to communicate with Suppliers & Customers, to acquire information, making them a crucial business tool. In this instance it is important to consider the process & requirements of the document.

Research & statistics state that the completion time & error rate of a Form can be greatly reduced by good design, & consideration of usability.

Objectives & Significance of Good Formats:

  1. Only the required information is alone received & supplied. Thereby irrelevant & unnecessary are eliminated.
  2. No piece of information is held up & misrepresented.
  3. To save clerical work.
  4. More information is supplied quickly in a meaningful way.
  5. The collection of information is very easily done.
  6. Quick & clear understanding of information.
  7. In a printed form, the writer has to fill in all the columns, so as to furnish information without suppression.
  8. The writer can be at ease in filling the forms in the appropriate place, by writing a few numbers / words.
  9. Understanding and transmission of information from the forms are quick and clear.
  10. They help to identify records and facilitate easy filing for future reference.
  11. Data entry, processing and reference become easy & fast, since information appears in a standard form and at fixed places.

We will be sharing generalized formats which can be readily used by members through our magazine “Industry Insight” as well as this webpage.

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