Dear Friends,

It is moment of honour and a privilege to stand before you today as the President of our esteemed association. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the trust and confidence you have placed in me to lead this association.

I would like to acknowledge the remarkable efforts and contributions of our outgoing President, Shri Kirtikumar ji Gandhi and his team. During his tenure, WICMA accomplished two nearly impossible tasks – First, getting NABL accreditation of WICMA Lab; and second, Authorisation for UN certification. We are the only entity, other than IIP, to get this authorization for testing of packaging for export. I would also like to acknowledge here the efforts taken by our Chairman R&D Centre, Dilip Patel, Vice Chairman Ramkumar Sunkara and our R & D team for achieving these incredible successes.

WICMA has always been fortunate in its leadership. Our Past Presidents and seniors have been persistently dedicated for advancing the corrugated box industry in Western region. Under their guidance, WICMA has achieved several significant milestones and taken several impactful initiatives.

काम करो ऐसा कि एक पहचान बन जाए,
हर कदम ऐसा चलो कि निशान बन जाए,
यहां जिंदगी तो हर कोई काट लेता है,
जिंदगी इस कदर जियो कि मिसाल बन जाए।

I am conscious that I am stepping into very large shoes, but I am committed to building upon the foundations laid by our seniors. Over the years, WICMA has played a pivotal role in fostering knowledge sharing, networking and fostering strong relationships with industry stakeholders. Their contributions have paved the way for our association's success, and I am committed to continuing that legacy.

I would like to revitalise our divisions. This can be done by holding frequent meetings and workshops, where members can share their experiences, discuss emerging trends, and learn from industry experts. We also need to strengthen our influence and communication with our suppliers and customers. For this, we need to increase the base of our member strength across the length and breadth of our region.

These are just a few initial ideas; I firmly believe that the success of our association is a collective effort and our strength lies in our unity. I am eager to work closely with the esteemed members of our executive committee and all of you, to achieve our shared objectives. I encourage each one of you to actively participate, share your ideas, and contribute your expertise.

I would like to acknowledge the organizing committee of WICMA Symposium 2023, who worked tirelessly to make this event a memorable one. I am also thankful to all our business partners, who supported this event with Tan, Man, Dhan.

Thank you once again for this extraordinary opportunity to serve as your President. I am excited about the journey ahead, and I am confident that, together, we will achieve a great success.

बिना संघर्ष कोई महान नही होता, बिना कुछ किये जय जय कार नही होता,
जबतक नही पडती हतोडे की चोटे, तबतक कोई पत्थर भी भगवान नही होता

Warm Regards,

Anil Loya