Dear Members,

Corrugators from all over India are very much agitated over the burning issue of increasing kraft paper prices coupled with paper mills closing down collectively. From Jan 2017 onwards, paper across all grades increased by Rs. 7/- per kg. Our Association has spared no efforts to create awareness about this critical situation. An Emergency meeting was held on 3rd February 2017 at Hotel Suba International, Mumbai and was attended by over 55 Corrugators.

It was decided that as a mark of protest, corrugators would not unload deliveries for specified dates after the mills shut down. At our request ICCMA also joined the protest. Joint Press Release by WICMA & ICCMA was issued. Circulars with articles in over 35 print and over 50 digital editions of newspapers were shared with members.

The FCBM, PMCC met in Mumbai on 10th March at Hotel Atithi, Mumbai to discuss the current market scenario and how to deal with it. On their invitation, the Office Bearers and Past Presidents also attended the meeting. At the meeting, it was decided that FCBM & ICCMA would jointly issue ads and press releases. FCBM issued a circular requesting box price increase by 23%. An ad was also issued in Economic Times.

Recently there are indications that the prices of imported waste was coming down slowly. It is expected that while prices may come down, the downward trend may not be as much as in previous years. Corrugators must be united and remain firm for increased prices. Customers may scout around for lower prices. Corrugators must not go for short term gains against the interests of the whole industry.

As informed, WICMA is celebrating its Golden Jubilee year and will be hosting this year's FCBM Conference. The dates and venue have been finalized. The 46th FCBM Conference will be held from 17-19 November 2017 at JW Marriott, Pune. The Conference Committee is on the job and work on the arrangements is in full flow. A curtain raiser is published in the pages of this issue. The success of this event depends on whole-hearted participation by each one of you. Please block the dates of 17, 18, 19 November in your schedule and make it a point to attend with your family.

We will spare no efforts to make this special year, a truly memorable one in the history of WICMA.

Sunil Gupta